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Are hedgehogs good in groups?

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Hedgehogs are usually lonely in the wild and sociable for breeding purposes. Men do not help raising babies, and babies leave their mother shortly after the weaning process. Hedgehogs look for and clean their food and do not rely on other hedgehogs to survive. May 27, 2013

Can I combine two hedgehogs?

Contain two hedgehogs together. We recommend that you always keep your pet hedgehog alone, but you may also accept a companion (usually a female that is kept with you). Referrals should be done with caution. 26th. 2021.

Should hedgehogs live alone?

It is a lonely animal and should live alone. Hedgehogs are very active animals. He is small, but he needs a large cage. Hedgehogs are nocturnal, making them ideal for those who are at home at night or at night.

Can I combine two male hedgehogs?

Do not try to accommodate two males together. They can always fight. Do not contain males and females together unless both contraceptive and castration surgery are performed. They mate and kill the baby. Please do not play with us.

Are hedgehogs lonely or sociable?

Hedgehogs are very lonely animals and must be kept separately. In the wild, they are social only during the breeding season. Their lonely nature can make it difficult for these pets to warm up to you.

Are hedgehogs good in groups?

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