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Are river dolphins blind?

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The Ganges dolphins can only live in freshwater and are essentially blind. They emit ultrasonic waves to hunt. Ultrasound hits fish and other prey and bounces off, allowing you to "see" the image in your mind.

Is the blind platanistoidea really blind?

Locally known as Boulan, it can only be found on the Indus River. It is primarily 1,300 km (807 miles) long between northeastern and southern Pakistan. Mammals are blind because they do not have a crystalline lens.

Do river dolphins have good eyesight?

River dolphins have very small eyes and poor eyesight for their size. In addition, because the eyes are located on the sides of the head, the field of vision consists of two fields rather than binocular vision like humans.

Why are dolphins on the Ganges blind?

Like other river dolphins that have evolved these properties convergently, they are largely independent of sight due to the muddy water in which they live, resulting in a small lensless, I have eyes that don't work.

Do river dolphins have eyes?

Despite their small eyes (the Ganges and Indus river dolphins have no lenses), river dolphins can easily move through muddy water thanks to their exquisite sonar. Probably the best of all cetaceans. They are often friendly and curious about people.

Are river dolphins blind?

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