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Are supernumerary teats heritable?

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Hyperthelia (SNT) is an unwanted hereditary trait in dairy cows, especially if there is also an excess mammary gland (hypermastia). these differences suggest that SNT is hereditary.

What causes goats to have extra nipples?

The extra nipples are hereditary. Selection and selection help reduce the genetic potential of the extra papillae of the herd. It is difficult to eliminate the gene together because there are carriers who do not indicate the condition, but they can pass it on to their offspring.

What is an excess nipple?

Children of dairy cows and dairy goats may be born with extra nipples on their udders, called extra nipples. These extra teats do not work and are not harmful, but they can leak during milking and, in some cases, become infected. In the dairy industry, excess nipples are usually removed.

Do excess nipples secrete milk?

Like other breast tissues, breastfeeding can cause redness and leakage of milk at the beginning of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding tissue usually does not produce much milk and does not interfere with breastfeeding.

Are supernumerary teats heritable?

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