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Are there any baby names that mean wolf?

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Unique wolf boy name for your baby Acwulf. The name "Acwulf" comes from the German word, meaning "wolf in the orcish meadows". Adal Wolf. The name of this beautiful German boy means "Noble Wolf". Adolphus. Beorhtwulf. Beowulf. Burejin. Boris. Chan.

What is the name of the baby wolf?

The name of Chan (Irish origin), which means "little wolf" or "young wolf". 2021

What is the name of Wolf's daughter?

NAMESMEANINGAdolphine Honorable noble wolf GermanAmaruqGreywolfInuitBlevine Child like a wolf cub WelshCathwulf Pure female English like a wolf

Are there any baby names that mean wolf?

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