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Are there any black hedgehogs?

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Probably the rarest of all hedgehogs, the Algerian black hedgehog is the most difficult to identify and buy.

Are there black hedgehogs?

Most Popular Hedgehog Colors In fact, when you look at your pet's hedgehog online, you usually see the same color (salt and pepper) over and over again. However, there are many other popular and sought-after colors that people love. Focus, white, black, Algerian, to name just a few! 5 days. 2020

What color is the hedgehog?

Normally, the face is marked with a black mark, but the color may change if the color is different. It is not possible to distinguish them using the color of the spine. Wild hedgehogs are usually mottled brown and white, but there are jet black and pure white, with many colors in between.

Are there different varieties of hedgehogs?

It's true! In some parts of the world, even owning hedgehogs as pets, including domesticated breeds, is banned. In fact, there are only four domesticated hedgehog breeds that can be kept as pets. Introducing 17 species of hedgehogs, including both domesticated and wild breeds. 2021

Do hedgehogs change color?

The most dramatic color change is usually 9 weeks of quilling, but hedgehogs can change color afterwards. As hanhan27 said, quilling may occur at different times or after 12 weeks.

Are there any black hedgehogs?

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