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Are We blind to the fate of the “blind” Dolphins?

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The Ganges dolphin was officially discovered in 1801. Dolphins on the Ganges once inhabited the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Megna and Karnafuri-Sang river systems in Nepal, India and Bangladesh. However, this species is extinct from most of its early distribution range. Dolphins on the Ganges can only live in freshwater and are essentially blind. Two years ago, the dolphin conservation group Atlantic Blue filmed a video of the latest way to kill dolphins in a cove, driving a metal rod into the upper part of the spinal cord, thus paralyzing the dolphins, closing the wounds and underwater. Prevents too much blood from entering the dolphin. (Click here for the video. The main reason for the first decline in Indus river dolphin populations was the construction of numerous dams and barrages that began in the 1930s, which divided the population into smaller groups and inhabited them. The land has deteriorated and has been hindered from moving.

worldwildlife.org Изображение: worldwildlife.org This means that the river system and nearby ecosystems are also in good condition. Worries begin when the big boss of the food chain begins to show signs of waste and death .. That means something is terribly wrong with the environment. It means we are "blind". It means that the fate of the dolphin should not be blinded.

Is there a blind dolphin in India?

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Yes. This freshwater dolphin is a rare species. , India and Pakistan, found in the Ganges and Indus rivers. Blind dolphins. Where did you find the rare blind dolphins?

Are the Ganges river dolphins blind?

River dolphins on the Ganges are virtually blind with only trace eyes. They perceive the world primarily by echolocation. They are unaware of the stab nets and get entangled. Adults usually escape Powerful enough.

How do people kill dolphins?

Another common fishing method is to kill dolphins directly. These are barrages and dolphins kill them. Made of undetectable thin filaments. River dolphins are virtually blind with only trace eyes. They sense the world primarily by echolocation. They go unnoticed and entangled in the stab net.

Why is the population of dolphins declining in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, after the construction of the irrigation system, the number has decreased dramatically and most of the time. The river dolphins were trapped in a 750-mile river and divided into isolated populations by six barrages. They adapted to life in a muddy river and were functionally blind.

Are We blind to the fate of the “blind” Dolphins?

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