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Can a Komodo dragon hurt you?

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Komodo Island, Indonesia-Komodo dragons have shark-like teeth and toxic poisons and can kill people within hours of being bitten. Still, the villagers, who have lived with the world's largest lizard for generations, were not afraid until the dragon began to attack. experts point out that Komodo dragon attacks are still rare. May 26, 2009

Do Komodo dragons attack humans?

Adult Komodo dragons eat small members of their own species, and sometimes other adults. But they can run fast enough to attack and kill humans. (Many attacks on humans by both wild and captive Komodo dragons have been reported between 2000 and 2014.)

Can Komodo dragons swallow humans?

Dr. Stephen says wild Komodo dragons will not hesitate to kill and eat humans if they wish, but Raja is trained and fairly tame. He is fed deer, rabbits, or wild boars every 4-8 weeks. He eats the whole prey: skin, bones and hair. Sometimes he reverses some of his bones. September. 2008

Is it possible to overtake the Komodo dragon?

The good news is that you may be able to overtake it. The dragon can speed up to 21km / h (13 mph), but not long. .. If you are not a fast runner, tired, or close enough for a dragon to rush at you, this tip can save your life. Komodo dragons can only run straight.

Can a Komodo dragon hurt you?

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What happens if a Komodo dragon bites a human?

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