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Can a male donkey have babies?

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Male horses and female donkeys have hinny. but Hinnie and mule can't have their own baby. They are sterile because they cannot make sperm or eggs. They have a hard time making sperm and eggs because their chromosomes do not match well. 20th month. 2007г.

Can male donkeys breed?

For example, male donkeys (commonly called jacks) can breed well up to their 40s. On the other hand, female donkeys, or Jennet, can only breed until their early twenties.

Can male and female donkeys give birth to babies?

Perplexed births: Mule foals In the case of mules — mares and offspring of male donkeys — are generally sterile and cannot breed. 26 июл. 2007

Can male horses be impregnated with donkeys?

Female mules are rarely known to give birth to offspring when mated with horses and donkeys, but this is extremely rare. .. Even with their cooperation, donkey Jenny is less likely to become pregnant when breeding on a horse breed than when breeding on a donkey Jack.

When can a male donkey breed?

Jack (male) can give birth at the age of one. With proper care throughout their lives, donkeys can live up to their thirties, with an average lifespan of 33 years. Jennet can give birth to foals until her early twenties.

Can a male donkey have babies?

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