Can a mule give birth?

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Births are so big news, or at least that's what experts say, because mules can't give birth. he explained that mules cannot reproduce due to the odd number of chromosomes. "To get a mule, take a male donkey and breed it on a mare," he said. 26th. 2018 г.

Can mules breed?

There will be 63 mules. Mule can be male or female, but it cannot reproduce due to the odd number of chromosomes. However, in order to be a safe and sociable animal, the male mule must be gelded.

Can mules be impregnated in horses?

Female mules are rarely known to give birth to offspring when mated with horses and donkeys, but this is extremely rare. Since 1527, 60 foals born to female mules around the world have been recorded.

How is a mule born?

1. Mules are descendants of male donkeys and mares. Mule combines the characteristics of both horse and donkey parents to create a stronger and more elastic working animal. The descendants of hinnies, male horses and female donkeys are much rarer and much more like mothers with long donkey ears.

Why are mules inherently sterile?

Mule is made by mating a male donkey and a mare. Mules are germ-free animals because they cannot produce gametes due to chromosomal pairing problems. They have an odd number of chromosomes.

Can a mule give birth?

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