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Can a rabbit talk without a vocal cord?

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In fact, rabbits have the same vocal ability as cats. an animal that can't make a squid-like sound because it doesn't have a vocal cord / box

Does the rabbit have a vocal cord? Code?

Surprisingly, rabbits do not have vocal cords that cry like humans do. You cannot communicate using your voice like other animals.

What happens if I don't have vocal cords?

If the vocal cords do not close, there will be space for food, body fluids, and saliva (saliva) to enter the trachea and lungs. You may have problems breathing, swallowing, or talking. Health care providers treat this condition with voice therapy and surgery.

Which animal does not have vocal cords?

Giraffes do not have vocal cords.

Is it possible to make sound without vocal cords?

Generate specific sounds using only air that can be pressurized in the mouth (ie, unvoiced consonants such as "p", "t", "k"), even for people without vocal cords. I can do it.

Can a rabbit talk without a vocal cord?

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