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Can a spider have more than 8 legs?

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Still, there seems to be a limit to the number of legs a spider can lose. In the wild, the team found few spiders that had lost more than one leg. And in the lab, these five-legged spiders created an unsightly net. August. 2011 г.

Can a spider have 10 legs?

The common names given to these spiders may not be reminiscent of horrifying things, but camel spiders are probably the most horrifying spider ever described by researchers. These spiders have 10 legs and have the largest jaws of any spider. They also grow to huge sizes.

Are there spiders with 8 or more legs?

The simple answer is no. All spiders have eight legs. But that doesn't mean that there are no six-legged spiders. It is common to come across spiders that lack one or two or more legs.

Can a spider have nine legs?

All spiders have eight legs, but technically there is also a foot-like sensory appendage called the pedipalp, which is the part of the mouth, but many are fifth. It can easily be mistaken for a foot. If a spider loses one pedipalp or one leg, it can give the impression of a nine-legged spider.

Does the spider have 12 legs?

Spiders are spiders. With insects, they have only two parts on the body, eight legs instead of six, six or eight eyes (two for insects), and an abdominal spinnery that produces silk. Is different.

Can a spider have more than 8 legs?

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