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Can jellyfish live forever?

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Scientists have discovered a jellyfish that can live forever. The immortal jellyfish, scientifically known as Turritopsis dohrnii, is now officially known as the only immortal creature. The life cycle of a jellyfish begins with the male and female eggs and sperm of the jellyfish. When a sperm fertilizes an egg, the egg begins to develop. As soon as the egg development is complete, small planula larvae emerge from the female's mouth. Platonic larvae float on water and settle only when they reach a certain size. What happens when a jellyfish dies? At the Medusa stage of jellyfish, where adult jellyfish die, they sink to the bottom of the sea and begin to rot. Shortly thereafter, decomposers such as fungi, sea worms, echinoderms, crustaceans, and mollusks begin to decompose dead jellyfish.

aquaticstories.com Изображение: aquaticstories.com Scientists have discovered a jellyfish that can live forever. The immortal jellyfish, scientifically known as Turritopsis dohrnii, is now officially known as the only immortal creature. After all, the secret of eternal life isn't just about living really, really long. It's all about maturity, rather than lack of maturity.

Can "immortal" jellyfish really live forever?

Perhaps the "immortal" jellyfish Turritopsis dohrnii has fascinated scientists since it was discovered decades ago. Ferdinand Boero, one of the first researchers to study it, is investigating whether this amazing creature can truly live forever. Like many discoveries, the so-called "immortal jellyfish" was discovered by chance.

What is the life cycle of jellyfish?

For most jellyfish, or common animals, the life cycle stops there. But Turritopsissdohrnii is not. Environmental stresses such as starvation, injuries, and sudden temperature changes return to the polyp stage. Technically, you can live forever with an endless life cycle.

How many times can a jellyfish return to a baby?

There is no limit to the number of times you can return to a state close to infancy, so this process can be repeated forever and immortal. Scientists, formerly known as turritopsis nutricula, first discovered it in 1883 when they discovered an immortal jellyfish swimming in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

What happens when a jellyfish dies?

However, when the Grim Reaper begins to knock, the immortal jellyfish turns this cycle into its head. When hungry, injured, too cold or too hot, adult turritopsis nutricula falls to the seabed, turning into small tissue masses (called cysts) that become polyps again.

Can jellyfish live forever?

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