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Can koala fingerprints be mistaken for human fingerprints?

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In the example of convergent evolution, koalas have fingerprints that are virtually indistinguishable from us, even if their last common ancestor lived more than 100 million years ago. Like human prints, each koala's fingerprint has its own pattern. The 10th. 2021

Do koalas have human-like fingerprints?

Koalas are doll-sized marsupials that carry babies on their backs and climb trees, so they have almost the same fingerprints as human fingerprints. .. Koalas is not the only one who has fingerprints. Relatives such as chimpanzees and gorillas also have fingerprints. 3мая 2011г.

Which animal has a fingerprint that closely resembles a human fingerprint?

Koalas have fingerprints like humans

Can koala fingerprints be mistaken for human fingerprints?

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