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Do any animals have better memory than humans?

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Boston — Chimpanzees may be smarter than humans, at least in terms of short-term memory, new research suggests. This incredibly short-term (or "working") memory helps chimpanzees survive in the wild. In the wild, chimpanzees often have to make quick and complex decisions. 16 февр. 2013г.

Which animal has a higher memory than humans?

According to new research, dolphins have the longest memory ever known in non-human species. Elephants and chimpanzees are believed to have similar abilities, but have not yet been tested, said research author Jason Brooke, an ethologist at the University of Chicago. 2013

Which animal is the most forgotten?

The dog forgets the event within 2 minutes. Chimpanzees take about 20 seconds and are worse than rats to remember things, but the memory spans of the other three primates (baboons, pig-tailed macaques, and squirrel monkeys) are the only research participants who were not mammals. Exceeded. Or a bird). 26 Bees. 2015

Which is better, an elephant with high memory or a human?

In fact, the elephant brain contains as many cortical neurons as the human brain and contains larger pyramidal neurons (special neurons that are thought to play an important role in cognitive function). Has and suggest that elephants may have better learning and memory skills than we do.

Do tigers have better memory than humans?

Tigers have better short-term memory than humans He has one of the best memories of any animal, including humans. Their memories are made up of stronger brain synapses. That is, their short-term memory lasts about 30 seconds longer than we do.

Do any animals have better memory than humans?

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