Do badgers eat cats?

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Badgers are unlikely to eat cats. Badgers eat almost anything from fruits to carrion, but they do not prey on cats.

Do badgers kill cats?

A badger group spokesman said on the website: "Badgers usually do not kill family pets such as cats and dogs. Most cats and dogs avoid badgers when they see them, but other cats are better off with defeat. You may be in your position before you notice. 2016

Do badgers eat cats and dogs?

Badgers eat rotten meat (ie dead meat) They are also very enthusiastic about it and often succeed in eating other species such as small dogs, cats, ferretes, badgers, badgers, hedgehogs and foxes.

Animals Do you eat cats?

Large predatory animals that prey on cats include badgers, wolves, and coyote. In addition, comparisons of badgers, snakes (poisons and contractors), hawks, and owls. Many small badgers hunt cats for food. Some dog breeds may also chase cats, but domesticated dogs do not necessarily do so for nutrition.

Do American badgers eat cats?

Do badgers eat cats? Some badgers, such as Laterl, tend to be carnivorous, and most species are small animals. Consume seeds. Badgers may choose to attack small kittens, but they are unlikely to beat and attack fully grown cats. 2020г.

Do badgers eat cats?

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