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Do blind rabbits have good hearing?

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How good is the rabbit's eyesight? The rabbit's eyes are placed sideways, so visibility is good, but it's hard to see the object close up and see the blind spot right in front of the nose. Because of this, they have a keen sense of smell and a pronounced hearing, and each ear can move independently.

How can I keep a blind rabbit happy?

There are some important things to keep in mind when caring for a blind rabbit: 1 Keep things consistent. .. 2 Make sure their living area is safe for them. .. 3 Make sure there are as few obstacles as possible in the play area. .. 4 Blind rabbits are heavily dependent on the sense of smell. Blind-DisabledRabbits.com

What happens when a rabbit becomes blind?

Many visually impaired rabbits tend to stay near the wall when exploring. In addition to behavioral changes, you may notice physical signs of eye problems such as swelling and redness around the eyes, eye retraction, pupil dilation and cloudiness.

Are rabbits good at hearing?

Excellent hearing and smell. Rabbit noses are very sensitive and should not normally be touched. Rabbits also have their own body language.

How can I tell if a rabbit is invisible?

How do you know if a rabbit is blind? : 1 You will be amazed by the normal sound. 2 Make a slow movement. 3 The response to the stimulus is delayed. 4 nervous. 5 The eyeball retracts. 6 The pupil dilates. 7 Redness. 8 Eyes swell. To keep them safe-MummyPages.ie

Do blind rabbits have good hearing?

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