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Do elephants celebrate birth?

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When a baby elephant gives birth, the sister elephant does two things. That is, kicking sand or soil to protect the fragile skin of the newborn from the sun, and then everyone starts playing the trumpet. , Something beautiful born in the harsh wild world despite the enemy

Does the elephant play the trumpet when the baby is born?

Elephants form a matriarchal society that can be as small as a mother or calf, or as small as 40. When a baby is born, elephants often play the trumpet loudly to celebrate. According to Joyce, there is the potential for maladaptive behavior, and this large trumpet has the negative effect of attracting passing men.

Why do elephants kick babies?

The staff downplayed the incident, saying that it was a natural reflex behavior that stimulated the elephant's mother to move the newborn little by little to stand up. .. "Elephants don't work on instinct," he says. "They are behaviorally flexible and cultural animals.

Why do elephants celebrate their birth?

Female elephants can be pregnant for up to 23 months. Longer than any other animal. The elephant in this video rang a trumpet at a celebration and created a protective barrier around the new calf, which is a newborn from a predator who may be waiting. Made to protect. 2018г.

Do elephants celebrate birth?

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