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Do elephants have complex emotions?

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Joy, anger, sadness, compassion, love. The best feelings are in these huge masses. Through years of research, scientists have discovered that elephants have complex thoughts and deep emotions. In fact, the emotional attachment that an elephant forms to a family can be comparable to ourselves. 11окт. 2010г.

Is the elephant an emotional intelligence index?

Elephants show emotional intelligence through tactile sensation. Wildlife conservation and animal biology researchers have found that elephants exhibit comforting behavior when other elephants are suffering from using soothing vocalizations and gestures on the trunk. 2020

Which animals can feel complex emotions?

It's possible that they really care about the members of their species in the way we can relate. This complex emotional feature has been observed in dogs, mice and elephants as well as in other primates.

Can an elephant cry from emotions?

This may look like an emotional "cry", but it occurs because the elephant has lost the normal mammalian structure that drains excess water from the eyes. Without the true lacrimal gland structure, elephants cannot shed physically emotional tears.

What do elephants do when they are sad?

In response to stressful events, elephants open their ears, raise their tails, and sometimes make low noises. Scientists looking at wild elephants report the same behavior. (See "Surprise: Elephant Comforts Offend Your Friends.") 23 февр. 2014г.

Do elephants have complex emotions?

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