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Do elephants mourn their dead?

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Not only that, but by killing some elephants, we cause lasting sorrow to others. The jumbo that scientists claim in their research is, in a sense, mourning their dead. Pachydermata seems to be mourning for mourning relatives, herd buddies, and buddies. elephants have long been known to remain the dead bodies of other jumbo. 9 minutes. 2020г.

Do elephants honor the dead?

To be honest, elephants do it all. .. No other animal mourning and funeral ritual is as well documented or well-known as an elephant. Looking at the bones and corpses of another elephant, the family stops and investigates, even if the elephant is unrelated to the group.

Which animal mourns the dead?

Mourning is not limited to large-headed cetaceans (whales and dolphins) and primates, so scientists have some form of "death reaction" with lizards, manati, dingos, horses, dogs, domestic cats, etc. Is being recorded.

Do you know that elephants die?

Legend has it that elephants are nearing the end. Instead of sticking to the herd and trying to slow down, the elephants head to the elephant's graveyard. Not only can he die peacefully here, but his descendants can easily find him and visit his body in the future.

Do elephants mourn their dead?

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