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Do mollusks grow better in warm or cold water?

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November 2013 ・ When the seawater temperature rises, the distribution of mollusks changes. This is because many species will not be able to grow where current food is found.

What kind of climate do mollusks live in?

Mollusks live in most terrestrial, freshwater, and marine habitats. However, most of the species live in the sea. They can be found in both shallow and deep seas, as well as from the tropics to polar latitudes. Mollusks are the main source of food for other organisms, including humans.

What kind of water do mollusks live in?

Introduction. Large groups of animals, called mollusks, live on land and in both freshwater and saltwater.

In which oceanic zone do mollusks live?

Hiding in rocky crevices, mollusks such as limpets, chitons and snails call the intertidal zone their hometown.

What are the features that help mollusks survive?

There are only three characteristics common to all living mollusks. The presence of a mantle (back cover of the body) that secretes calcified (calcium-containing, etc.) structures. The genitals and anus are open to the mantle cavity; and a pair of nerve cords. The 13th. 2019г.

Do mollusks grow better in warm or cold water?

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