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Do snails like to be alone?

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Snails breed happily alone or in small groups, not space or food territories. 26th. 2017 г.

Will snails be lonely?

When deprived of calcium in the water they live in (they need to shell), smart snails form long-term memory after two training sessions. .. And in snails, we found that one type of stress, social isolation, or loneliness, can change the way memory is formed. 2018

Is it okay to have only one snail?

Yes, pairs or more are best. 15янв. 2006

Do snails need to be paired?

Snails are friendly and relatively maintenance-free pets. They need a moist environment and a diet filled with minerals and healthy vegetables. Snails enjoy each other's companies, so consider getting more than one. If you give the snails a comfortable home and take good care of them, they can live for years.

Can I leave the snail alone?

Snails only take about 10-15 minutes a day. Don't leave them alone for a week. They probably couldn't eat for a week (not ideal), but they would have a hard time drying themselves with the walls and lids of the enclosure.

Do snails like to be alone?

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