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Do sponges have a simple body plan?

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The sponge has three different body plans, which are shown in the figure below. The main difference between each body plan is the complexity of the canal system that pumps water to the animals. water flows into the sponge coil through the small holes / small holes. The most basic body plan is called asconoid. 11th. 2015 г.

study.com Изображение: study.com Sponge has three basic body plans. (1) Asconoid sponge is a small and simple shape with a tubular body. (2) The ciconoid sponge also has a highly folded tubular body in a series of inflow canals that carry water into a radial canal lined with choanocytes, with much thicker walls.

What is the most complex sponge body Do you plan?

The most complex sponge body plans are called leuconoids. In these sponges, the canal system forms a more elaborate bifurcation network, where the canal leads to the digestive chamber instead of the sponge coil. In leuconoid sponges, choanocytes line up in the digestive tract rather than in the canal.

Is the sponge a body plan for all animal ancestors?

Sponges are usually considered an early divergence event in animal history and may represent the body plans of all animal ancestors. 1) The fossil sponge is one of the oldest known animal fossils dating back to the late Precambrian.

What is the body plan of Asconoid Sponge?

There are three body plans for sponges, but these morphologies do not define taxonomic groups. The asconoid sponge is shaped like a simple tube with perforated pores. The open inner part of the tube is called the sponge coil. Contains choanocytes.

Why is there only one large chamber on the sponge?

This is a very simple structure as the body plan has only one large internal structure. In a chamber called a sponge coil, choanocytes that filter water are lined up. Choanocytes serve to nourish the sponge by filtering organic matter from the water.

Is the sponge body plan complicated?

The most complex sponge body plans are called leuconoids. In these sponges, the canal system forms a more elaborate bifurcation network, with the canal leading to the digestive chamber rather than the sponge coil.

Does the sponge have a simple body?

Many spongins have a spongin internal skeleton and / or a calcium carbonate or silica spicule. Primarily, their bodies are made up of thin sheets of cells on the frame (skeleton). .. Structures such as canals, chambers, and cavities allow water to move through sponges to almost all somatic cells.

Which body plan of the sponge is the simplest?

Asconoid. The simplest body plan in the sponge phylum is the asconoid body plan. This is a very simple structure, as the body plan has only one large internal chamber called the sponge koel, which is lined with choanocytes that filter water.

What kind of body structure does the sponge have?

The body of the cell-type sponge is hollow, kept in shape by the jelly-like substance mesohyl, which is mainly composed of collagen, and reinforced by a dense network of fibers also made of collagen. The inner surface is lined with choanocytes, which are cells with a cylindrical or conical collar that surrounds one flagella for each choanocyte.

Do sponges have a simple body plan?

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