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Do sponges have sensitivity?

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Sponges are dynamic and sensitive animals, and it is intuitive to associate these genes with behavior. 1 day. 2017 г.

What is the sponge sensitive to?

Because sponges are marine species, they are sensitive to many climate change-related challenges, such as rising temperatures and ocean acidification. It is also susceptible to pollution such as agricultural spills. Even turbid water from human activity on the seabed can interfere with the ability to filter feed.

Does the sponge have a sense?

The sponge does not have true sensory organs, so it cannot hunt prey. .. These cells are equipped with small tentacles called flagellas that rock back and forth to draw water into the sponge's body.

Is the sponge reactive?

The sponge (phylum: Porifera) responds to external light or mechanical signals in contractile or metabolic reactions and lacks the nervous or muscular system.

Does the sponge have a nervous system?

The sponge is one of the most primitive of all animals. They do not move and live by filtering the debris from the water. They don't have a brain, and for that matter, they don't have neurons, organs, or even tissues.

Do sponges have sensitivity?

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What happens if you eat a small piece of sponge?

Is a sponge alive?

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