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Do sponges have specialised cells?

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The sponge has no organized tissue, but it relies on special cells such as choanocytes, porosites, amoebic cells, and pinacosites for its special functions in the body.

How many special cells are there in the sponge?

The body of the sponge is a loose collection of about 6 special cells. Some of these cells secrete a supporting skeleton of either collagen fibers or small, sharp pieces of mineral called spicules.

What kind of cells are there in the sponge?

Three major types of cells can be distinguished: choanocytes, archaea, and pineal cells.

What are the characteristics of sponge cells?

Special cells: Sponge has special collar cells (or collar cells) that are unique in the animal kingdom. They have a flagellar, whip-like structure that acts to set the water flow so that the sponge can sift food particles from the water.

How many special tissue layers does the sponge have?

As mentioned above, the sponge is the ectoderm, which is essentially composed of two cell layers. Between these two layers is a gelatinous substance called mesohyl.

Do sponges have specialised cells?

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