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How are birds able to fly?

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Birds fly by flapping their wings. Flying involves moving upwards against gravity and also moving forward. This force comes when the huge chest muscles pull down the wings. These muscles are 10 times larger than the muscles that pull up the wings.

How do birds skip short answers?

"When a bird is flying, the bird's wings are flat, so the air easily flows around it in the direction the animal flies (like a hand tearing through water or air). Bird wings are sliced ​​forward in the air and pushed up from below. The end result is a flying bird! "

What helps the bird fly?"

Bird feathers have feathers called "primary feathers" that help them fly forward.

How can birds fly, but can humans not?

Birds can fly because their wingspan and wing strength are balanced with their body size. It has a lightweight skeleton with hollow bones, which reduces the load on the wings. .. Therefore, the average adult male human requires a wingspan of at least 6.7 meters to fly.

How are birds able to fly?

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