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How did the lizard become so small?

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How did the lizard become a snake?

Scientists say that the transition from lizard to snake is ecological natural selection and gradual. We believe that it is the result of morphogenesis, a biological process that develops an animal into its shape. In this case, the shape was long without legs.

Why the lizard's head evolved

The observed changes in head morphology were caused by adaptation to different food sources. According to Irschick, the lizards on the barren island Pod Kopiste mainly feed on insects.

What did the lizard evolve from?

The first turtle-like reptiles were about 250 million years ago. The crocodile ancestors evolved at least 220 million years ago. The lizard may have diverged from the scales (snakes and lizards) shortly thereafter. Finally, the lizard. And snakes went on different paths about 150 million years ago.

How small are lizards?

The world's smallest reptiles found in Caribbean forests The Jaragua lizard, which is only 16mm from nose to tail, is the smallest in the world. In fact, it is the smallest vertebrate that can breed in dry land 1.3 days. 2001

How did the lizard become so small?

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