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How do I get rid of squirrel drey?

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How do you get rid of the squirrel's nest?

Live trapping is the only approved removal method. Once captured, the squirrel should be moved at least 4-5 miles away to prevent it from returning home. To get rid of squirrels from inside the house, install a one-way exclusion door or live cage trap (fed with seeds, crackers, or fruits).

Need to remove squirrel nests from British trees?

Remove trees and branches containing squirrel nests This should only be done if the branches or trees pose a serious health and safety risk. Baby squirrels who do not reunite with their mother need to be euthanized under the new law.

Need to remove the squirrel nest tree?

The damage that tree squirrels can do to your property can be very serious. .. It is advisable to remove the squirrel's nest from the tree as soon as possible to prevent the squirrel from disturbing your property. It is recommended that individuals contact a tree service company to remove the nest. 2020г.

How do I get rid of squirrel drey?

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