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How do reptiles regulate body temperature?

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reptiles, adjust the temperature by means of a so-called thermoregulation. Simply put, this will be hot and soaking up the sun in a warm place, which means that cool when you move to a cool place. reptiles, if you can not reach the required temperature and the weather is too cold, and hibernate in the winter.

What are the three methods used to reptiles to adjust the temperature Is?

3 Ways reptiles to gain or loss of heat in the surrounding environment, conduction, convection, and is due to radiation.

reptiles and whether the mammals to adjust how the body temperature?

endothermic, such as birds and mammals, to maintain a stable internal temperature using a metabolic heat. This is, in many cases, different from the environment. External temperature, such as lizards and snakes, rather than to maintain the body temperature by using a metabolic heat, to absorb the temperature of the environment.

or snake to adjust how the body temperature?

a lot of snakes, during the day prefer to move around. During the day, or soaking up the sun's heat, and you can adjust the temperature slips in the shadows. Cold-blooded animals, or as an external temperature of animal, snake is dependent on the environment in order to keep the body in optimum operating temperature.

How do reptiles regulate body temperature?

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