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How do snails mate and lay eggs?

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Normally, snail sperm cells fertilize other snail eggs because the eggs are already growing while they are still young. In the case of underwater snails, snails simply send sperm cells into the water and swim to the eggs of other snails. May 17, 2011

How long does it take for snails to lay eggs after mating?

Snails can lay up to 6 batches of eggs in a year. During the mating process, each snail lays about 80 eggs about 3-6 days after mating. Each snail digs a 2-4 cm hole in the soil with its feet and lays eggs that hatch after 2 weeks (Fig. 3). 2020

Do snails need to mate to lay eggs?

They have both female and male germ cells (they are hermaphroditic). They do not need to mate with another snail to actually breed, self-fertilization is possible. After mating, they lay about 80 white eggs in a damp underground nest.

What do snails do when mating?

Some hermaphroditic snail species fire these so-called lovedarts into each other's bodies during mating. If the snail can shoot darts that transfer sperm-increasing secretions, the animal can fertilize the other's eggs. (See also "Wild Romance: Strange Animal Courtship and Mating Ritual".)

How do snails mate and lay eggs?

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