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How do you tell a Bengal tiger from a Siberian tiger?

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The Siberian tiger is very thick, with a pale golden or rusty red coat covered with black stripes. The belly is white. Bengal tigers have pale yellow fur with brown or black stripes. The inside of the abdomen and legs is white.

Which is more aggressive, the Bengal tiger or the Siberian tiger?

However, the Siberian tiger (also known as the Amur tiger) seems to have an advantage because it is larger than Bengal. The Siberian tiger is the largest and heaviest of all living tiger variants, weighing approximately 384 kg (847 lbs). – And it has the ability to predict the movement of enemies and block them.

How can you identify a Bengal tiger?

The Bengal tiger coat is yellow to light orange and the striped pattern is dark brown to black. The inside of the belly and limbs is white, the tail is orange and there is a black ring.

Can Bengal tigers mate with Siberian tigers?

Mating of Bengal tigers and Siberian tigers is thought to increase the chances of producing white cubs. The mating results in "general" tigers, or tigers that are not pure subspecies and therefore not worth protecting.

How do you tell a Bengal tiger from a Siberian tiger?

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