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How do you tell if a rabbit is in contemplation?

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Contemplation is first learning what we should be and entrusting our very existence to the grace of God. "Stay still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10).

How do you know the mood of a rabbit?

Rabbit body language has some clear indicators to help you recognize if you are feeling happy: 1 Relaxed body. Your rabbits don't look tense when they are happy. .. 2 Curiosity. Rabbits flying around, exploring the environment, and munching are happy bunnies! .. 3 Happy hopping. .. 4 Nose cramps. Rabbit Body Language-PDSA

How do I know if a rabbit is relaxed?

How do I know if a rabbit is happy? 1 Lie down with a relaxed body 2 Lie down with a relaxed body 3 Lie down with a fully stretched body Ground. 5 Have a healthy appetite. 6 Calm and quiet. 7 Curious. How can I find out if my rabbit is happy?

How do you tell if a rabbit is in contemplation?

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What is my rabbit trying to tell me?

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