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How does the demosponge protect itself?

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Demosponge can propagate both sexually and asexually. In sexual reproduction, spermatocytes develop from the transformation of choanocytes normal sponge, photograph (11), specimen (3)

normal sponge How do you protect it?

The main defense of the fire sponge is its chemical deterrent, which contains spongin spicules and refractory collagen, which makes the sponge rubbery. Discourage predators from eating them.

Is there a predator on the sponge?

Sponge predators include fish, turtles, and echinoderms. What are the interesting facts about sponges? There are over 9,000 known species of sponge! 23 мар. 2021

Why is demosponge important?

The most economically important group of demo sponges for humans is the bath sponge. These are harvested by divers and can also be cultivated commercially. They are bleached and sold. Spongin gives the spongin its softness and absorbency. Not all sponges are well preserved, but there are fossil records.

What are the characteristics of demosponge?

They are sponges with a soft body that is made of calcium carbonate, either aragonite or calcite, and often covers a huge skeleton. They are mainly leuconoids in structure. Their "skeleton" is made up of spicules consisting of protein spongin, mineral silica, or both fibers.

How does the demosponge protect itself?

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