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How fast do slugs go in mph?

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Its speed range corresponds to .006 to .03 mph 30 mph. 2000г.

How fast is the slug?

Slug size up to 15 inches Lifespan 1-6 years Speed ​​Behavior based on slug seeds In nature, slugs eat plant life at night.

How long does it take for a slug to travel a mile?

At this speed, DEATH SNAIL will take 1,600 hours (more than 2 months). Travel one mile. The distance traveled is less than five and a half miles each year.

What is the speed of slugs?

0.48 km / h Slugs are slow shellless abalone mollusks that can (probably because of shelllessness) defeat their cousin garden snails in races.

How fast is the snail in the garden mph?

0,048км / чConnuaspersum / Скорость

How fast do slugs go in mph?

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