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How long can a kangaroo rat survive in the desert?

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Kangaroo mice are almost perfectly adapted to life in the desert. They can survive without drinking water and get the water they need

Can kangaroo mice survive in the desert?

Kangaroo rats tend to live in desert plains, creosote plains, and desert sandy soils. Mice sometimes dig holes in the soil to better survive the harsh desert environment.

Do kangaroo mice live in the cold desert?

Another cold desert creature is the kangaroo rat. Kangaroo mice can dive deep into sand and soil during the summer and run 1,200 feet per minute on the ground during the winter.

How long can a kangaroo rat survive without water?

Kangaroo mice can survive for almost a lifetime, or 10 years, much longer, without water.

How long can a kangaroo rat survive in the desert?

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