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How long is a panda pregnant for?

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Giant pandas, or bamboo bears, are omnivorous mammals of the bear family with a distinctive black-and-white coat color that has some of the characteristics of a raccoon. The only modern species of the subfamily Ailuropoda Wikipedia

How long can a panda give birth?

Female giant pandas give birth 90 to 180 days after mating. A female may give birth to two children, but usually only one survives. The giant panda cub can stay with her mother for up to three years before attacking herself. This means that wild females can only give birth to young females every other year.

Is it difficult for a panda to give birth?

"Pandas in captivity are notorious for being difficult to breed. Pandas have only narrow windows to imagine each year," he writes. "This is the seventh attempt for Kai Kai and The Asia. Their zookeepers deserve praise for this difficult and rare achievement and their hard work despite previous failures."

Why do pandas eat babies?

For example, scientists have learned that a young panda's muscles are too weak to excrete on her own, helping her mother's panda to lick her baby's belly and excrete excrement.

How long is a panda pregnant for?

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How old does a panda have to be to reproduce?

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