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How long is it safe for a cat to not drink water?

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When to take your cat to the vet If your cat hasn't drunk for 48-72 hours, or if your drinking habits are accompanied by other related symptoms such as decreased urination, decreased bowel movements, or loss of appetite. Please have a veterinarian see you.

How long can a cat go without drinking water?

The average cat can survive 3-4 days without water. The longer they go without water, the more dehydrated they become, which can lead to serious health complications and ultimately death. However, it may be known that cats survive for more than a week without water.

What if my cat doesn't drink water?

Tips and tricks for making cats drink more water 1 Wet food. If your cat already likes and eats wet food, you're in luck! .. 2 Dry food. .. 3 Place the water bowl next to the hood. .. 4 fountains. .. 5 Try different dishes. .. 6 Increase access to water. .. 7 Wash the water frequently. .. 8 Completely fill the bowl. Tips and tricks for making cats drink more water

How long is it safe for a cat to not drink water?

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What happens if a sick cat does not drink water?

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