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How many badgers are in a set?

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Badgers can live in a social group of 2 to 23 adults, but usually about 6 people. These protect the area around their main dwelling as territory. The territory may be as small as 30ha, but in the highlands it is over 150ha. They leave feces in a collection of shallow holes collectively called the toilet.

How many badgers are there in the burrow?

Although many of the range are lonely animals, European badgers in the United Kingdom and several other regions are the most social of the badger species and may have up to 30 different rooms. Living in a huge burrow in groups of 5 to 20 individuals and a 1/2 mile tunnel.

Do badgers live in sets?

Badger's house is called sett. .. Many badger species are very social creatures and live in groups called setes or clans. The clan shares cobblestones with the territory. The paving stones are centuries old and have been used by badgers for generations. 2015

How many kits do badgers have?

Although classified as a carnivore, European badgers feed on a variety of flora and fauna, including earthworms, large insects, small mammals, carrion, grains, and stalks. Up to 5 cubs are born in spring.

How big is the badger's nest?

The nests range from approximately 4 to 10 feet deep and 4 to 6 feet wide. A female American badger may create two to four burrows near a connecting tunnel for the concealment and safety of her youth.

How many badgers are in a set?

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