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How many different types of snakes are there?

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How many types of snakes are there?

More than 3,400 species of snakes worldwide are grouped into more than 25 families with specific sets of letters related to their group, such as DNA coding, scale counting, and anatomy. In addition, they are categorized into subs. -Family, family, genus, species, subspecies, etc.

What are the rarest snake breeds?

Saint Lucia Racer The Saint Lucia Racer is a relatively small, non-poisonous snake. With less than 20 snakes left, it is the rarest snake in the world. The remaining snakes are limited to one small (9 hectare) islet – Maria Major –. It is 800 meters from the mainland of Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia Racer-Fauna and Fauna Flora International

How many different types of snakes are there?

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