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How many Ganges dolphins are left in India?

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According to the census, there are a total of 41 dolphins on the Ganges, from the Vidinor Barrage to the Bulandshahar Lola Barrage. This number in 2019 was 35. According to the latest data, 4 calves and 2 adults have increased from the previous year.

How many dolphins are there on the Ganges in India?

Industrial, agricultural, and human pollution are another serious cause of habitat degradation. Each year, 9,000 tonnes of pesticides and 6 million tonnes of fertilizer are used near the river. High levels of pollution can directly kill prey seeds and dolphins and completely destroy their habitat.

How many dolphins are left on the Ganges?

Approximately 2,500 to 3,000 dolphins from the Ganges live in the wild. This means that the species is vulnerable and is classified as an endangered species. More about them: Ganges dolphins inhabit the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna and Sang-Karnaphuli river systems in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

How many dolphins will there be in India in 2020?

This was revealed after the Chilika Development Bureau (CDA) conducted an annual survey on the biodiversity of the lagoon, the largest lake along the east coast of India. Dolphin populations have increased from 150 in 2019 to 156 in 2020, officials said.

How many dolphins on the Ganges River will remain in the world in 2021?

Species with an estimated world population of 4,000 have been found in the Indian subcontinent (almost 80%). They often accidentally enter the canal waterways of northern India, are often trapped, die because they cannot swim against the slopes, and are eventually stressed and harassed by the locals.

How many Ganges dolphins are left in India?

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