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How many species names are there in the Cyperaceae family?

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The Cyperaceae family is a family of monocotyledonous flowering plants of gramminoids (grass-like) known as Cyperaceae. The family is large, with about 5,500 known species listed in about 90 genera, the largest being the more than 2,000 "true sedge" genus Carex.

How many species of the sedge family are there?

Among the 10 largest families of flowering plants, the sedge family contains about 5,000 species, including 70-115 genera depending on the classification used.

Which family does Cyperus microiria belong to?

Осоковые Осока / Семейство

What is the scientific name of Sedge?

Sedge family Осоковые / Научные названия

Is the sedge family an herb?

Sedge family in the Neotropical region. Perennial or annual herbs, terrestrial, rarely submerged aquatic plants, or scandents; perennial rhizomes, stems, bulbs, or subbulbs; annuals are commonly caespitose.

How many species names are there in the Cyperaceae family?

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