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How many tentacles does a slug have?

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The heads of slugs and snails have two pairs of retractable tentacles. The upper optical tentacles have light-sensitive eye-spots on both ends. The stems of each eye can move independently and can re-grow if lost.

How many pairs of tentacles do slugs have?

Slugs have two pairs of retractable tentacles. The pair of tentacles above are called optical tentacles and are the eyes of a slug.

Do slugs have tentacles?

Tentacles Like other pulmonary terrestrial abalone, most terrestrial slugs have two pairs of "tentacles" or tentacles on their heads. The upper pair is light-sensing, with eye-spots on both ends, and the lower pair provides a sensation of odor. .. The part of the slug behind the tail mantle is called the "tail".

How many pairs of tentacles do snails have?

Most terrestrial snails have one or two pairs of tentacles on their heads. In most terrestrial snails, the eyes are carried to the first (upper) set of tentacles (Omatofor or more informally called the "eyestalk"). This is usually about 75% of the width of the eyes. The second (lower) set of tentacles acts as the sense of smell.

How many legs does a slug have?

First, check the tentacles. There are four slugs, which are retractable. 27янв. 2017

How many tentacles does a slug have?

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