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How might blindness or vision loss influence a student's social and or emotional functioning?

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The presence of visual impairment can affect normal learning sequences in social, motor, linguistic and cognitive development areas. Poor eyesight often reduces the willingness to explore the environment, initiate social interactions, and manipulate objects.

How does visual impairment affect emotional and social development?

Access to visual information is an important advantage for developing social and emotional skills. Children with visual impairments do not have access to what is happening around them and have access to inconsistent experiences to develop their social abilities (Roe, 2008).

How does visual impairment affect social skills?

Visually impaired students may not be aware of traditional polite behavior because they may not be visually observable. For this reason, students need to pay special attention to environmental clues in order to know how to behave in different situations.

How does visual impairment affect function?

Loss of vision can affect quality of life (QOL), independence, and mobility in areas that span mental health, cognition, social functioning, employment, and educational achievement. Is associated with falls, injuries, and worsening of the condition.

How does loss of vision affect learning?

Poor visual acuity can affect learning by reducing reading comprehension. .. As a result, children with poor eyesight often show signs of poor reading comprehension and may have difficulty keeping up with class challenges.

How might blindness or vision loss influence a student's social and or emotional functioning?

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