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How often do deer die in their first year of life?

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May 11, 2016-This 4-year-old dollar at the Wildlife Research Station is already alive twice as long as the average white-tailed deer in the wild.

What percentage of fawns survive?

Most survival studies over the last 15 years have recorded 33-68% fawn survival, and many hunters have predators killing fawns, so fewer predators are more fawns. We are implementing predator control efforts based on the common sense that the survival rate will increase. 23 percent. 2019

At what age do deer usually die?

Only a few male deer that lived in captivity were reported to have lived for more than 15 years. Wild male deer live on average about 3 years, while wild female deer can live up to 6.5 years. This is why deer hunting considers it a trophy when catching deer over the age of three.

How many deer die in a year?

Hunters kill about 6 million white-tailed deer each year. Hunting rates are actually declining, but millions of deer are still killed each year. However, under ideal conditions, the deer population doubles each year.

How do deer usually die?

Of the five sources listed in the quiz, human hunting was again the main cause of death (53% of dead deer), but vehicle collisions were second with 17%. So, hunger (4%) and coyote (2%) followed. ) And wolves (0%).

How often do deer die in their first year of life?

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