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How to harvest fingerlings for rearing?

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3.5 Harvesting and sorting of juveniles. 4. Overwintering finger ring. References. Annex. Appendix 1: Comparison notes on the breeding of advanced fry and juveniles

How long does it take for the juveniles to mature?

It takes about 75-90 days to raise juveniles. It takes 15-21 days for the spawn to grow and fry, then fry to the size of a fry for another 1.5-2.5 months. Therefore, if the spawn is stocked in the nursery on July 1, the fry will usually be ready by the end of September.

How do you start producing fry?

The production of juveniles in the pond is carried out under semi-intensive fan conditions. Fish are bred at low densities, but supplemental (pellet) feeding is applied and may require aeration. The water exchange rate is low (15-25% per day). The main goal and advantage of this system is to produce high quality fish.

How many juveniles can a fish produce?

A 90-300 g female chick lays as many as 500 eggs per spawn. They need to produce 6-15 fries / m2 / month. Use larger chicks to increase seed production. 1-1.5 kg breeding animals can produce 45 fry / m2 / month. 19янв. 2015

How many juveniles can tilapia produce?

Transsexual juveniles are stored at a rate of 3000 fish / m3 and can be grown for 6 weeks until they reach an average of 10 g. Fish of this size can be replenished with 2500 fish / m3 to produce 25-30 g of juveniles in 4 weeks. These fish are stored at 1,500 fish / m3 and can produce 50-60 g of juveniles in 4 weeks.

How to harvest fingerlings for rearing?

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