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Is 3% of Arctic ice penguin urine?

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What percentage of

203 is 20? --9.85% is a way to describe 20/203 as a percentage. Step-by-step instructions on how to calculate and find 20 out of 203 Ненайдено: 20of% 20Arctic% 20ice% 20penguin% 20urine? Penguins do not pee. Like all birds, penguins do not have a urethra or bladder and convert waste products to uric acid instead of urea. It is secreted as waste as a semi-solid white paste along with penguin droppings. They can do this in a very interesting and crazy way! Therefore, there is no advantage for penguins to poop on each other. The benefits of poop only occur when it falls on land. However, when a herd of penguins falls into the frozen landscape of the Antarctic region, it helps the ice of young chick penguins melt and you can get the perfect shelter in many bare rocky shelters.

quora.com Изображение: quora.com 3% of the ice in Antarctic glaciers is penguin urine. Certainly an interesting fact. Technically, it can be argued that penguin urine must freeze in ice because the temperature in Antarctica is below 0 degrees Celsius. Simply put, urine is unlikely to be washed away or can evaporate.

Why is 3% of the ice in the urine of Antarctic penguins?

Almost 3% of Antarctic ice is penguin urine. The purpose is to explain the important points about wisdom. To grow, you need to remember that when you pee on a friend's ice machine on a drunken night, your essence will be an eternal part of his soul on the next thirsty day. .. Know the details.

Is the penguin peeing or peeing?

Well, penguins are technically birds and can urinate and pass solid waste through the anus, as this little guy does. There is some information on the internet that penguin urine makes up 3% of the total ice in Antarctica, but now it should be a lot of urine and feces.

Do penguins poop in Antarctica?

Therefore, most of the Antarctic ice is free of penguin droppings. Penguins are technically birds and can urinate and pass solid waste through the anus, as this little guy does.

Where is the penguins peep?

Therefore, the ice near the penguins roost has a lot of penguin peepies, but the actual area used by these roosts is almost twice the size of Antarctica itself, which is about twice the size of Australia. It is considerably smaller than the one and is almost completely covered. Thousands of meters thick ice.

Is 3% of Arctic ice penguin urine?

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