Is a dragon a reptile?

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Hello; In modern times, yes, dragons are classified as part of a family of reptiles because of their scaly skin, cold-blooded and air-breathing creatures that laid eggs containing their offspring. In the olden days, the word reptile was not coined until much more science advanced, so dragons were always called snakes. 17окт. 2016 г.

What kind of animal is a dragon?

Dragons are large lizard or snake-like creatures in various cultures of myths, legends, and folk tales, considered evil in some traditions and good in others. I did. In medieval Europe, dragons usually had winged, thorny tails and were depicted as fire-breathing.

Is the dragon a snake or a lizard?

The most common "dragon" in pet trading is reptiles. Mythical dragons are different from each other. Some have wings, horns, spikes, or plated backs. Oriental dragons are more serpentine, with whiskers and mammal-like hair, while western dragons are more like reptiles or dinosaurs.

Are dragons birds or reptiles?

In most depictions of dragons in various forms of media such as video games, movies, television, and in some aspects of literature and art, the main feature is that they are reptiles, Some of them tend to be few bird characteristics in design (such as flying).

Is a dragon a reptile?

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