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Is a swift faster than a cheetah?

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For clarity, the cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is undeniably fast. And it is true that it is the fastest animal on land. The maximum recorded speed is 64mph (103 km / h), which easily exceeds the cheetah.

Is the cheetah the fastest animal on the planet?

So no matter how you slice, top speed, acceleration, duration, cheetahs lag behind the competition for the fastest animals on the planet. The fastest animal movements belong to the very small termites, the fastest cells belong to the jellyfish, and the fastest whole body moves to the free-falling falcon.

What does speed mean for the fastest animals?

For the fastest animals on the planet, speed means survival. A cheetah chasing an impala. (Image Credit: Rocky Atkins / IM via Getty Images) The fastest animals use speed to survive and thrive in the wild, quickly chasing prey and escaping from predators.

How fast can a cheetah run a 100-meter sprint?

Live Science previously reported that a cheetah named Sarah at the Cincinnati Zoo was recorded to run a 100-meter sprint in 5.95 seconds. The fastest human in history, Olympic runner Usain Bolt holds a world record by running the same distance in 9.58 seconds.

Why is the cheetah's movement so elegant?

Perhaps there is no more elegant and awe-inspiring sight than seeing a cheetah in motion. They squeeze the spine and spend more time in the air than on the ground while running. The cheetah is a pure racing machine, evolved to allow each part of the body to run through its prey at once.

Is a swift faster than a cheetah?

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