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Is a whale a mammal or a fish?

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Whales, along with dolphins and porpoises, are warm-blooded mammals that breathe air like humans. There are some important differences between whales and fish. Whales are warm-blooded animals. Whales are mammals because they give birth to live young, have fur (although their bodies are very sparse), have lungs and breathing air, and provide milk to young children. There are many interesting questions about marine mammals. Dolphins and other whales are all mammals called cetaceans. Dolphins have conical teeth, but most whales have baleen whales in their mouths. Dolphins eat small fish, squids and crustaceans, and whales eat plankton and krill. Dolphins live in shallow water near the coast, and whales live in the deep sea. Whales are more closely associated with humans than fish

Why are whales mammals?

Glenbray Lock. There are two main reasons why whales are considered mammals. First of all, whales have lungs and breathing air, while fish have gills and breathing water. The second whale is a warm-blooded animal, while the fish is a cold-blooded animal.

Are fish mammals?

No. Fish lay eggs with cold blood and do not feed your baby with milk. Animals such as whales, dolphins, and porpoises live in the same environment as fish, but are mammals. Mammals cannot filter air from water in the lungs, as fish do in the gills.

What is the difference between whales, dolphins and fish?

There is some good information about the differences between whales and dolphins and fish: whales are mammals to live young and have fur (although their bodies are very sparse), lungs and breathing air. Have to provide milk to their young people. There are many interesting questions about marine mammals.

Are whales more related to humans and fish?

Whales are more closely associated with humans than fish. Jennifer Kennedy, M.S. Is an environmental educator specializing in marine life. She is a Managing Director of the Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation. Whales are members of the family Whales, and although they are completely water-dwelling, they are mammals, not fish.

Why are whales mammals rather than fish?

All mammals are warm-blooded animals, breathe air, have hair, and feed the baby from the mammary glands. Whales actually do all this! Whales are warm-blooded animals. In other words, it maintains a high body temperature that does not change with cold water. .. Therefore, whales are certainly mammals, not fish! 24th. 2011

Why are fish not mammals?

Why are fish not mammals? With the exception of some shark and tuna species, fish are not mammals, as most are not warm-blooded. There are no limbs, fingers, toes, fur, or hair, and most people cannot breathe air, with the exception of lungfish and snake heads.

Are all whales mammals?

What are they? Dolphins, whales, seals, sea lions and otters are all mammals. They give birth to live young and feed their youth with milk. In contrast, some sharks give birth to live younger, while sharks are fish.

What are whales classified as?

Unofficial group in CetaceaKingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ChordataClass: MammaliaOrder: Artiodactyla

Is a whale a mammal or a fish?

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