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Is Britain's only poisonous snake in need of help?

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Are there toxic snakes in the UK?

The simple answer is "yes". Of these three native British snakes, adders, grass snakes, and smooth snakes, the first is toxic. But it's a relatively rare species, so if you're afraid of snakebites, the UK is a safe place. Want to know more about British snakes? read more!

How many types of snakes are there in the UK?

There are three species of snakes native to the United Kingdom, as well as a fourth non-native species. Three of these are completely harmless-only the native reptile adder (Vipera berus) is toxic.

Need to protect native British snakes?

Other native British species, the smooth snake and the grass snake, are completely harmless. If you want to preserve the natural heritage and landscape, you need to protect all snake species and their rights must always be respected.

Where can I get snakebite advice in the UK?

Visit the NHS website for native and exotic snakebite advice. British snakes are usually lonely and shy animals that prefer to escape rather than fight. Adders are mainly found in Heathland, Commons and woodlands.

Is Britain's only poisonous snake in need of help?

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