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Is Fleece litter bad for hedgehogs?

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However, as explained later in this article, the fleece is not the Hedgehog's Holy Grail. This is actually one of the most environmentally friendly options that hedge owners can choose from. Not only does it have a negative impact on the environment, it also exposes hedgehogs to unnecessary risks of health problems. You can either use a clay toilet that is acceptable to hedgehogs but can cause dust, or you can consider pelletized cats. Hedgehogs also don't accept it, but only the litter floor to reduce dust. It also provides an easy way to collect feces and urine.

Is fleece environmentally friendly for hedgehogs?

It seems to be environmentally friendly because it can be washed many times. But as we'll see later in this article, the fleece isn't the Hedgehog's Holy Grail. This is, in fact, one of the most environmentally friendly options that hedge owners can choose from.

What kind of garbage do hedgehogs use?

A wooden litter box can also be used, but the hedgehogs need to be a little careful when walking because there is no flat surface for them to walk. Otherwise, wood-based litter box bedding not only has excellent ability to absorb pee and spilled water, but also has less dust.

Do you need bedding on the floor of the hedgehog cage?

The floor of the hedgehog cage needs sufficient bedding or filler to provide a suitable surface for the hedgehog to walk, play, and dig.

What are the drawbacks of hedgehog toilet pans?

Another drawback is the inability to control odors. If your hedgehog isn't trained to go to the bathroom, with regular replacement, urine will etch the porous surface under the fleece.

Is Fleece litter bad for hedgehogs?

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